UFI to Selected to Perform Financial Feasibility Study for the City of Beaumont

Urban Futures, Inc. (UFI), a current financial consultant to the City of Beaumont, through its Sustainable Communities Development Group will complete a comprehensive financial analysis on 2,005 acres of vacant land in the City. This analysis will help City leaders assess the financial feasibility of commercial development in this area.

The local Potrero Property Owners Improvement Association (PPOIA) is currently seeking an agreement with the City, allowing the development of a master planned real estate project that would include a mix of industrial, commercial-office, commercial-retail, hospitality and residential uses within the 2,005-acre area. In response to this request, the City of Beaumont hired UFI to perform a financial analysis for this development. The analysis is called the Potrero Interchange Area Master Plan Development Project Financial Analysis.

UFI’s in-depth analysis will consist of three parts. The first will be an independent analysis which will assess factors including real estate economic forecasts, City revenue/costs, market assumptions and others. The second will be the development of an agreement structure with City staff that will prioritize public benefit of the proposed project. Lastly, UFI will assist in negotiation support with PPOIA on behalf of the City. The overall goal of the analysis is to inform City leaders and stakeholders whether the proposed development will benefit the City and the community.

UFI is looking forward to continued engagement with the City of Beaumont, further providing the City with the tools needed to make an informed financial decision.

Urban Futures, Inc. has been providing services to local governmental agencies for over 43 years. Operating as five divisions – UFI Public Management Group, UFI Public Finance Group, UFI Sustainable Communities Development Group, UFI Analytics & Compliance Group, and Isom Advisors – UFI offers clients a growing portfolio of services and industry expertise that might otherwise be out of reach. Over 300 public agencies have benefited from partnering with UFI. UFI is based in Orange, CA with a Northern California office in Walnut Creek. Visit their website at www.urbanfuturesinc.com or call (714) 283-9334.

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