Mike Busch Presents at CSMFO

At the December 2013 OC Chapter Meeting of the CSMFO, Urban Futures President Michael Busch gave a presentation on municipal bankruptcy challenges.

Mike BuschBusch’s presentation focused largely on his experience working with the City of San Bernardino, where he and his firm were hired on a contract basis in the spring of 2013.

The city brought in Urban Futures to help them through bankruptcy proceedings after the City’s Finance director, Jason Simpson, resigned in mid-February (at the same time the city was faced with replacing its City Manager). In lieu of hiring a finance director during a time of transition, Urban Futures was brought on to get the city back on track.

Busch’s presentation at the OC Chapter Meeting of the CSMFO was hosted jointly by the Orange County chapters of the California Society of Municipal Finance Officers and the California Municipal Treasurers Association.

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