Jim Morris

Jim Morris is a Principal at InCity Consulting, he has twenty years of experience working in the fields of public policy, municipal law, economic development, and public agency governance and leadership. As an independent consultant, Jim recently completed a long-term engagement with the City of San Bernardino where he was responsible for one of the most complex redevelopment dissolutions in the State of California. Jim also advised the City’s bankruptcy team on various municipal restructuring and economic development matters, including drafting the strategic plan component of the City’s bankruptcy plan of adjustment. He is a sub consultant of Urban Futures, Inc.

Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Jim served for eight years as Chief of Staff to the Mayor of San Bernardino. Working closely with several redevelopment agencies and regional entities, he was part of the leadership team that helped bring over $2 billion in new infrastructure to the city, including the region’s first mass transit project and the successful redevelopment of San Bernardino International Airport.

Jim began his professional career as a public law attorney with the County of San Bernardino and Best Best & Krieger LLP. For over a decade, he helped government agencies in the Inland Empire successfully navigate legal complexities affecting their organization and operations, particularly in the areas of land use, community development, water and wastewater, and public agency governance.

Jim is a graduate of Dartmouth College, and received both his Juris Doctorate and master’s in Urban Planning from UCLA.