UFI’s Continues Servicing the Financial Administration Needs of Public Agencies in Riverside County

Urban Futures, Incorporated (UFI) covers all aspects of fiscal administration and capital financing/reporting needs for public agencies large and small. UFI’s Public Finance Group, staffed with Series 50 municipal advisors, supports the issuance of debt and capital lease financing with municipal advisory services. UFI’s Public Management Group, supports non-municipal advisory services including fiscal forecasts, continuing [...]

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Continuing Disclosure Practice Enhancements Improves Customer Experience

UFI’s Analytics and Compliance Group is a full-service practice committed to managing the comprehensive disclosure and dissemination agent needs of California public agencies. UFI provides post-issuance compliance services to over 150 California cities, school districts, successor agencies, joint powers agencies, financing authorities, and special districts. UFI offers the following services to help clients be fully [...]

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UFI Welcomes Dan Matusiewicz as Senior Consultant

UFI is pleased to welcome Dan Matusiewicz who has joined our Public Management Group as a Senior Consultant. UFI’s Public Management Group provides high level budget forecast, pension modeling and analytics, and other a long‐term financial strategy for operational and fiscal sustainability. Dan has over 30 years of experience in municipal finance, treasury and accounting [...]

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City of Lake Elsinore to Fund New City Hall Facility

On Tuesday, June 14, 2022, the City of Lake Elsinore (the "City") successfully sold $23.7 million of lease revenue bonds, generating $24.1 million in proceeds. The bonds are issued primarily to finance a new City Hall facility on a site adjacent to the existing city hall office at 130 South Main Street, financed over a 30-years at a true interest cost of 4.57%.

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