Arbitrage Rebate Reports Near Completion for the City of Lawndale

Profit earned on local government issued tax-exempt bonds over the bond yield are required to be “rebated” to the United States Government on an annual basis. In conjunction with this rebate, local governments are required to submit Arbitrage Rebate Reports per the U.S. tax code.

When local governments take on this reporting requirement themselves, the staffing opportunity costs can be significant, taking staff away from other critical government functions. The team at the Analytics and Compliance Group of Urban Futures, Inc. (UFI) are experts in Arbitrage Rebate and other compliance requirements. Outsourcing reporting requirements can save significant time and money.

Recently, UFI was engaged by the City of Lawndale to complete their reporting requirement. By utilizing the services of UFI, members of the Lawndale staff can be assured their reporting requirements are properly fulfilled while empowering staff to focus on what is most important, City services.

For more information on Arbitrage Rebate Services, contact Michael Busch at

Urban Futures, Inc. has been providing services to local governmental agencies for over 43 years. Operating as five divisions – UFI Public Management Group, UFI Public Finance Group, UFI Sustainable Communities Development Group, UFI Analytics & Compliance Group, and Isom Advisors – UFI offers clients a growing portfolio of services and industry expertise that might otherwise be out of reach. Over 300 public agencies have benefited from partnering with UFI. UFI is based in Orange, CA with a Northern California office in Walnut Creek. Visit their website at or call (714) 283-9334.

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